Assorted Pics from the past to the present enjoy...


2001 Orlando Music Awards ( Yes thats El Diablo and Professor Knuckles together).


aaaahh!! all the colors are giving me a headache!

Nice Shirt !


Nice Hat!

Weiners Again, 2001 Peoples Music Awards (" Best Eclectic")


Mandaddy w/ The Mighty Bughead!

Double Daddy.


Dr. Servo

Rapture Anyone?


Nice Shirt Webb.

Crazy( Masked) Hector


Another amazing shirt, sheeez.

Its Hawaiian shirt night!


Drinky Drinky!!



Mandaddy and Dat Tang ( Bughead).

Rock Godz!! Yeah Right.



What does your shirt say? oooh stop staring at my tits...too late!

Ladies and Gentlemen we give you...TOXIC AL!